Scouting is about fun. Each month there are one or more optional weekend activities your scout can participate in. Please see our activity calendar for details.

Types of Activities

Some of the fun things scouts do include:

  • Camping, fishing.
  • Nature: Visiting a nature center or a farm museum.
  • Field trips: Wolves hockey games, park district activities, local parades.
  • Community Service Projects: Christmas caroling, collecting used books, Buddy Poppy sales.
  • Special Scouting Events: Rain Gutter Regatta, Pinewood Derby, Rocket Derby.
  • Overnighters: Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Museum of Science and Industry.

Annual Activities

Popcorn Sales Fundraiser

Each fall, to raise funds for our pack’s programs, we sell a variety of popcorn products at local markets and within our neighborhoods. The proceeds help cover our pack’s costs, which greatly exceed the annual dues.

Rain Gutter Regatta

Cub Scouts assemble and paint a wooden boat with the assistance of a family member. During a pack meeting, the boats are raced down a narrow channel of water. The boats are propelled as the boys blow into the sails. First, second and third place trophies are given to the fastest boats.

Christmas Caroling

Join your friends from Pack 117 for some hot chocolate, christmas cookies and a fun night of Christmas caroling at a nearby retirement home.

Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby is one of the most exciting Cub Scout activities of the year. Pinewood Derby cars are small wooden cars that Cub Scouts make with a family member. Every boy designs and builds his own “grand prix” style car. On the day of the race, the cars are placed on a track and raced to determine which car is the fastest. The cars are powered by gravity as they race down the track. First, second, and third place trophies are given to the fastest cars. The cars are also judged for best design. Cars which receive a trophy go on to compete in the district Pine Wood Derby. Pack 316’s Pinewood Derby is typically held in January.

Blue and Gold Breakfast

The Blue and Gold breakfast is held in February during Scouting Anniversary Week and is the highlight of the year. The breakfast brings families together for an morning of fun and inspiration. The purpose of the breakfast is to celebrate the pack’s anniversary, recognize pack leaders who have contributed to the pack’s success, and inspire the leaders, scouts, and parents. Typically the evening includes a pot luck breakfast, raffles, uniform inspections, arrow of light recognition, cub scout advancements, and entertainment such as a magician or story teller. There may also be a slide presentation of the activities the pack participated in over the previous year.

Rocket Derby

A popular spring activity is the Rocket Derby. Cub Scouts assemble and paint a small plastic rocket with a family member. During a pack meeting held at a large open field, the Cub Scout Leaders launch the rockets into the air. The Scouts watch as the rockets shoot high up into the air and then retrieve the rockets as they parachute down to the ground.